376 Million Per year

new cases of treatable std’s/STI’s reported Worldwide*

In a recent article, the World Health Organization expressed alarm at the lack of progress and complacency on curbing STDs and STIs as dating apps are spurring sexual activity.

You can make the difference.

It’s not going to be the corporations or agencies. It’s up to people - people like you - to end or greatly reduce this “silent epidemic.”

Let’s work together.    GotChkdShield GotChkd will give you the tools.

*According to the World Health Organization (WHO), per 2016, the latest year for which data is available.


We make it easy.

GotChkdSecure Access

Access your STD/STI test results.

GotChkdSecure Secure

Secure your personal data and test results.


GotChkdSecure Share

Share the data you got checked, peer-to-peer or with dating sites.


The  GotChkdShield1 GotChkd Platform.

We give you the power.

Take control of the way you share your sexual health information, peer to peer and accross dating sites.

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Filter users by last test date and matching STD status.


Order your 7 Panel At-Home STD Test Kit.


Invite other users whom you are interested in to get tested or join  GotChkdShield1 GotChkd.


view your results securely.


Alert other users to get tested - you can do it anonymously.


Share your last STD test date on dating sites and peer-to-peer.


Set reminders and notifications to get tested again.


How do we secure your data? 

Our technology is built around your privacy.

We use blockchain technology so that you and only you can view and share your personal information.

There is no centralized database to hack.

We don’t harvest, share, or sell your information to other parties. We literally can’t. That’s how you would want it.

We want to improve lives on a global scale.

We want to give people easy access to STI/STD testing, access to that information, and the ability to share that information in a respectful way in which they have complete control.

Giving people the ability to be transparent and proactive can make the difference.

Get  GotChkdShield1 GotChkd and let’s transform the world together.


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